ESR8 – Lucrezia Lanza

This ESR 8 project is set to identify new homologous enzymes having such unusual product scope, purify them and characterise them based on their substrate and stereoselectivity. A further goal is to determine a protein crystal structure to advance in the mechanistic understanding of these enzymes and to optimise the transformations needed for preparative scale-up in collaboration with industrial partners.

I hold a MSc degree in Biotechnology with specialization in Environmental and Bio-based Technology and a Minor in Molecular Microbiology from Wageningen University. Before starting my PhD, I worked as Project Consultant for small start-ups consulting them on the best commercial and technical strategies to write proposals for funding programs. My scientific interest is in everything that has not been explored yet and I  feel a spark in my heart particularly when talking about biocatalysts and molecular biology. I am active in different sports: I often hike, boulder, and do yoga, and I also tried surfing few times but I am still struggling with standing on the board. I became a scientist because I would like to contribute to developing the technologies that our society seeks for a sustainable transition. I am not very fond of horror movies, foggy weather, and cappuccino with little or no foam. I am passionate about climate change, circular economy and entrepreneurship, and I particularly enjoy trans-disciplinary discussions. In the future, I hope to continue expanding my scientific knowledge and skills systemically in various directions while pursuing my goal of shaping a more sustainable world.

Project information

Workpackage: WP2

Project title: Novel TDP dependent enzymes for the synthesis of tertiary alcohols

Host institution: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Secondments: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, University of Zagreb and Johnson Matthey

Supervisor: Michael Müller