Arwen is a Professor of Experimental Biophysics at the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging, where she is developing new methods to probe biological molecular mechanisms by time-resolved structural biology. For ESRs of CC-TOP she will be offering training and advice in solving problems of structural enzymology.
Dr. Arwen Pearson
Professor of Experimental Biophysics
Enzymicals offers recognized expertise in the application of enzymatic processes for the synthesis of chemical targets up to the industrial scale. Within the ITN CC-TOP, it complements the ESR training by an industry secondment with advice on scale-up methodology and smooth technology transfer. Specifically, it assesses scale-up parameters for novel enzymes to evaluate their industrial performance (ESR4, ESR14). In this context, it provides lessons learned from success stories and failures in industrial process development.
Dr. Philipp Süss
Group Leader Biocatalysis and Chemical Synthesis
Sustainable Momentum SL is a consultancy firm that generates strategic interdisciplinary expertise for innovation in white biotechnology, industrial catalytic processes, biorefineries, biogenic solvents, and Sustainable Chemistry. Emphasis is always put on the sustainability, providing a holistic view, advisory, and a fresh vision to client´s projects. At CC-TOP, the firm will coach the ESRs in aspects related to innovation, IP, entrepreneurship, and strategic consultancy in science.
Dr. habil. Pablo Domínguez de María
Founder and CEO of SustainableMomentum, SL
Scienseed SL is a multidisciplinary agency specialised in science communication. In CC-TOP Scienseed provides the ESRs with transferable skills in the form of training courses. In addition to instruction to the ESRs, Scienseed will provide guidance and technical support for the communication of the consortium.
Dr. Guzmán Sánchez
Co-Founder and Projects Director of Scienseed, SL.
The role of Bio-Prodict is to teach the ESRs how to use protein family data to predict beneficial mutations and make better proteins. Bio-Prodict will give an extensive course that is about the 3DM platform. This platform contains many different functionalities and tools specifically made for protein engineers.
Dr. Henk-Jan Joosten
Founder and CEO
AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company with a goal to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. AZ is offering secondments to introduce the ESRs to the specific needs and applications of biocatalysis in the pharmaceutical industry, including the potential to scale-up biocatalytic steps from lab bench to the unique large-scale-lab facility or even pilot plant.
Dr. Francesco Falcioni
Biocatalysis Leader; Early Chemical Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences, R&D
The Scientific Databases and Visualisation group at HITS, headed by Wolfgang Müller, is the main German partner in the FAIRDOM project, a long-running project on FAIR Data Operations and Models. CC-TOP will use the FAIRDOMHub for storing and FAIRifying data. HITS will provide training and advice.
Priv. Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Müller
Group leader, SDBV group, HITS gGmbH

University of Barcelona