ESR4 – Mehmet Mervan Çakar

This project will develop and validate mathematical models of complex multi-component reaction kinetics to select the optimal reactor modes for the scalable use of carboligases. The researcher will go through the process of producing the enzyme, setting kinetic parameters, developing new reaction models and validating them and choose the most fitting operation mode for the reactor based on the experimental data as well as model simulations retrieved during the research. This workflow will lead to the optimal reaction conditions and reactor setup to obtain maximum process metrics for the studied systems.

I hold a BSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics and an MSc in Chemistry. My scientific interest areas are biocatalysis, protein engineering, bioinformatic approaches for enzyme-related studies and enzyme kinetics. I love being in nature and swimming but if I have to stay home, I really enjoy cooking and playing musical instruments. My very first knowledge about genetics was about how the Mendelian inheritance determines the shape and color of pea seeds. I was in sixth grade and I decided to become a geneticist when I started to cross alleles together. I define myself as an enthusiastic enzymology researcher seeking the expansion of the boundaries of enzymes for a greener world through industrial biotechnology. The reason I wanted to be involved with C-C TOP network is to gain multidisciplinary skills and training from the ITN, work with and learn from qualified and inspired scientists, aiming to become one of them and move forward step by step, to build knowledge for achieving my “greener world” passion.

Project information

Workpackage: WP1

Project title: Development and optimization of biotransformations catalyzed by carboligation enzymes

Host institution: University of Zagreb

Secondments: Catalonia Institute for Advanced Chemistry and Enzymicals AG

Supervisor: Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević