Published On: December 27, 2022|1.4 min read|

2nd CC-TOP Training School, 3-8 October 2022, Madrid

A very interesting and successful training took place at the facilities of beneficiary Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

The ESRs, their supervisors and colleagues had a chance to meet in Madrid for their second training school, encompassing the following scientific aspects: protein engineering; mutagenesis by rational design, directed evolution and hybrid approaches; library expression in conventional and unconventional hosts; function-based enzyme discovery; microfluidics as ultrahigh-throughput enabling technology- the latter was hands-on training in a cutting edge technology and a lot of fun!

Soft skills training also took place on the following topics: how  to deliver scientific content with impact and visibility; social and ethical aspects of research communication; introduction to different tools and formats for science dissemination with practical examples; scientific writing course; theoretical and practical work on structuring and delivering content tailored to diverse audiences.